"Wow! Each card tells such a beautiful story with its texture and color."
  -Jenna R.

"Carol's Cards make me so happy: happy to purchase, happy to keep (and even to frame). They are beautifully designed and clearly handcrafted. Each card is unique and personally signed by Carol. It also cheers me to know that a portion of the proceeds goes to support local food banks. 

What a win-win-win."
  -April P.

"I am so excited to have an expanding collection of Carol's Cards. 

They are so lovely; truly something to treasure."
  -Cindy S.

"Carol's Cards are unique, whimsical and fun! The blend of fabric, yarn and a charm are pieced together reflecting Carol's knowledge of color, style and design."
  -Aletha A.

"I love your special card and I intend to frame it."
  -Anna H.

"These are BEAUTIFUL! I am lucky to be the recipient of a couple of these gorgeous cards. They are truly one of a kind and so special. Love your work."
  -Lauren M.

"Each Carol's Card is individually made. Each is a work of art. And PS-a portion of the proceeds will benefit FISH-Friends In Service to Humanity 

of Northwest CT and our work with the homeless and the food insecure."
  -Diedre D.


“Such artistry and whimsy! Each distinctive card reflects Carol’s creative genius. 

She uses so well her extensive collection of fabulous fabrics, eye-catching ribbons, and beautiful buttons.”
  -Audrey S.